About Us

Aqua Pure Technology Ltd  Introduce them as a leading business house in Bangladesh. We deal in different Water treatment Plant of different industries, capital machinery, machinery parts, consumable items and raw materials of different sector. Aqua Pure Technology Ltd. also committed to provide the highest level of quality products and services. In order to serve our customers better, we have developed different sectors which are as follows :


<Engineering (Production & Fabrication)


<After sales Service


Aqua Pure Technology Ltd. (Provides For the Client)


< Strong Workshop support with latest workshop equipments for production.

< Highly qualified and experienced technocrats.

< Skilled service team for instillation, startup, & after sales service;

< Supply of quality equipments from ready stock with reasonable price;

< On call service.

< Laboratory facilities.


Area of Interest

Capable for fabricating, designing, installing and commissioning of ETP as well as WTP and Supply off all capital machinery, spare parts, raw materials & consumable items for the following industries


<Beverage Industries (Carbonated drinks/Juice/Mineral water)

<Dairy & Food Industries (Milk/Ice Cream/Yogurt)

<Textile Industries

<Pharmaceutical Industries

<Bread & Biscuit Industries

<Poultry & Fisheries Industries

<Oil Industries

<Chemical Industries

<Sweets & Cracker Industries 

<Home & Office (Mini Water Treatment Plant)


<Garments (200 to 20,000 Workers)